Meet The TEAM

Dear Prospective Parents and Students,

To educate is to transform the world!
To educate is to liberate the human being. 


To educate always means allowing the good that is in every person to break through the rock which imprisons them and to lead it into the light where it can flower and shine forth.


From the moment students join us to the moment they leave the school, we aim to equip them, not just with excellent academic achievements, but with the personal characteristics of self-confidence, ethical awareness and resilience. We want to encourage students to be courageous and not to be afraid of making mistakes on the way to success. We are preparing them for a world that requires courage and flexibility.

Academic standards are high, but we believe it is equally important to offer our students a rich educational experience and a nurturing atmosphere. We want each one of them to feel personally valued and to think of us as their second home. Kindness and mutual respect are key values throughout the school.

Students spend fulfilling years here, developing a love of learning and close friendships. We will help them to become confident, independent, caring young people. As they move up the school, we want to make sure they are thoroughly ready and prepared for the next stage of their education. We want them to learn to think for themselves, find their own voice and engage with the world with confidence and curiosity.

The best start in life is to have school and family working together to build a young person’s world view and sense of who they want to be. We see parents as partners in the education of their children and thank all our parents for supporting us in giving your child an aspirational learning opportunity. Former pupils, we would love you to come back and tell us how you are getting on.


Come and see for yourself, the essence of Gyanodaya Gurukul School, not only in our classrooms, but also on our playgrounds and in our new Learning Resource Center. As you do, you will begin to understand why our students love our school.




MD. Imtiyaz Alam,

Acting Principal

Our Teachers