Importance of solving riddles!

Do you love riddles? Who doesn't! People of all ages just love them!

But have you ever thought what benefits it brings to your children?

Well, simply put, it gives them an opportunity to think over. It helps them develop their thinking ability and creativity.

Being the best CBSE School in Patna, we understand the importance of indulging kids in activities that stimulate their brain. So we decided to enlighten our students and their parents about the importance of solving riddles. Most of the riddles that are designed for kids are very short, precise and easy to read and understand.

According to experts, following are the top 4 reasons you should solve riddles with your children:

  1. Apply their brain: Riddles give your children an opportunity to apply their brain and generate interesting results. It gives them something to think over

  2. Interpreting comprehension: According to a report by a reputed journal, 85% literate Indians fail at interpreting comprehension. Solving riddles helps your child excel at interpreting comprehension.

  3. Break Monotony: Children often get bored easily. Most riddles for children have a very humorous answers. Having a riddle session with your children can break the monotony of their academics.

  4. Creating bonds: When you solve riddles with your children, it gives you an opportunity to bond with you. It also helps them break out of their comfort zone and mingle with others.

So, go ahead and grab a riddle book and have a great time with your child this weekend!

Here goes the riddle of the day:

Go and tickle your brain! Happy riddle solving!

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