Mind Reading Math Trick

Do you wonder how we were able to predict the number in your head? Don’t worry, we are not reading your mind. It’s plain mathematics. And that too, a simple one. ;)

Let’s break down the whole process:

Step 1: Think of a number: Let that number be x

Step 2: Multiply it by 3: So, now your number becomes 3x

Step 3: Add 6: Now the number is (3x +6)

Step 4: Divide by 3: New number is (3x +6)/3

Step 5: Subtract the number chosen in Step 1 from your answer in Step 4: (3x+6)/3 – x

Going by the basics of algebra, we get (3x + 6 – 3x ) / 3 = 6 / 3 = 2

So, now that you have understood how all this works, go make your own and amaze your friends with your new mind reading capabilities.

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